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Kings Man Trading offers the best workwear to elevate your team’s appearance and professionalism. Industrial workwear goes beyond the typical uniform attire, it has to provide the employees with the necessary protection and comfort, and of adhering to industry regulations and safety standards. As trusted industrial workwear suppliers, we offer a seamless and hassle-free customisation process, and a design team dedicated to handling the intricate detailing of fabric design. The purpose of industrial workwear is to equip your staff to meet the demands of a potentially challenging work environment, so they will be safe and work in an encouraging environment, with no threat of health hazards. 

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Range of Industrial Workwear

We offer a comprehensive range of workwear, where safety, comfort and practicality are the key features. Our huge range of workwear include flame-resistant workwear, chemical-resistant workwear, medical and healthcare worker, industrial uniforms, foodservice workwear, electrical workwear, industrial uniforms, cold weather workwear, mining and machinery workwear and more. 

They are all made from soft, lightweight, breathable fabrics that are easy to maintain as well. We pride ourselves in matching the requirements of our growing clientele and have been able to provide exactly what they need in terms of quality, practicality and pricing. While we invest in the finest quality industrial workwear, we don't charge exorbitant amounts for the same. We offer all kinds of industrial workwear and accessories, including safety jackets, PPE kits, safety goggles and so on. 

Safety Standards

Our fabrics for uniforms are made to perfection, and meet the health and safety guidelines for various industries. Depending on what the industry is, we follow the safety standards based on national and regional regulations. These standards ensure that the workwear is according to the acceptable design and style so the workers will be safe and comfortable in their clothing. For example, if it is a mining or construction industry, it is imperative that the employees wear high-visibility clothing with hand protection facilities and more. 


Materials and Durability

We are very particular that our industrial clothing offers adequate protection to the wearer, depending on comfort, longevity and that they are perfect for challenging and potentially hazardous environments. Hence, we choose materials that are perfect for different kinds of environments. In certain environments, blended materials would be perfect because each material comes with certain special characteristics that can be incorporated in the industrial wear. The common blends that we use are cotton-polyester and cotton-nylon. We have fame-resistant fabrics for highly volatile environments. These can easily withstand sparks and flames to a great extent. And we have uniforms with visibility tapes attached to them, so you can see the workers when they work at construction sites and in low-light areas. 

Customization and Branding

As highly experienced and knowledgeable industrial workwear suppliers, we have special designer teams that can customise and brand the uniforms to promote and advertise your company. Through customization and branding, your staff will stand unique from among the rest, and they can be easily identified. Just by looking at the uniforms, it would be easy for people to understand that the staff works for your company. Our customisation and branding services enable your staff to work with a sense of pride and loyalty to the company, and they have a sense of belonging too, and these factors would definitely help in productivity. 

Safety Gear Accessories

Apart from the industrial workwear, we also provide the highest quality safety gear accessories that will provide additional protection, safety and comfort to the workers when they work in challenging work environments. You can browse through our collection of hardhats, helmets, safety shoes, eye and face protection accessories, high visibility accessories, ear protection accessories, safety shoes accessories and more. Being the best safety shoes suppliers in Qatar, we have the sturdiest and most comfortable collection of safety shoes for your workers. It will be really helpful when they use these safety shoes while working at construction sites, machinery and mining sites

Industries Served

We supply industrial uniforms for numerous workers, serving multiple industrial sectors. The most common among them are mining industry, automotive industry, construction industry, aviation industry, heavy machinery work environments, road safety workers and so on. We understand the unique needs of each industry, and design the most trendy and stylish uniforms according to the latest styles.

Benefits of Quality Workwear

One of the prime features of our workwear clothing is quality. We focus on making the uniforms perfect to cater to the needs of each industry it is being designed for. When the uniforms are of the highest quality, made with durable and comfortable materials, it would render the staff comfortable. They have to wear this uniform throughout the day/night every working day, so it has to be safe, compatible with weather elements and offer superior protection against potential hazards like chemicals, fire, impacts and extreme temperatures. It doesn't matter what the industry is, workers must wear smart, compatible uniforms because it directly leads to increased employee productivity. 

Sizing and Fitting

While ordering the uniforms from us, it is important to consider the sizing and fitting of the clothing because ill-fitted clothing can be really dangerous to the workers. The clothing should not be loose or tight because both can be uncomfortable to the wearer. Especially since they will be working with dangerous machinery, the clothing shouldn't get in the way. Make sure to take the measurements for each of the staff members before you order the clothes from us. Correct fitted uniforms will make them smart and capable, directly leading to better productivity.

Why Choose us?

Kings Man Trading is the market leader for all kinds of industrial wear, including safety accessories and equipment, making us one of the best industrial workwear suppliers in Qatar. Our focus on quality and durability ensures your workers have the right piece of clothing every day. We have a team of designers who can help you choose the right material and fabric for whichever industry you need the uniforms for. We can customise the uniforms and stitch them for you, once you approve the final designs. We will ship the orders to you once the uniforms are stitched, and you have the smartest uniforms for your workers without any hassle. Get in touch with us today to know more about our uniform varieties and how we can customise them for you. 

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