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Kings Man Trading is Qatar’s leading supplier of uniforms. We are also the specialist supplier of uniforms for specialty businesses and industries and boasts of a flexible service that include cost-effective tailor-made solutions. As the most trusted uniform manufacturing company in Qatar, we integrate innovative methods in designing and styling of the uniforms. Just by looking at the clothing, people will be able to recognize our workmanship.

We work to uphold the values of ethics, honesty and sustainability because we believe that every person who wears our garments must be comfortable and happy. We have a team of highly skilled fashion designers who work on a number of designs to bring out the best uniforms that’s fit for the purpose they are designed for. Our designers at Kings Man Trading, the best Qatar uniform company, are constantly innovating on new styles and techniques, but always keeping in mind the comfort factor. We are conscious of the impact we make on the environment so we make sure to embrace only environment-friendly methods to manufacture the uniforms. 

Being a reliable uniform manufacturing company, we happily design prototypes for our clients so they will know the exact style and design they are getting, and can check the comfortability of the material. We have a special division that will analyse the quality of the material because they go for stitching. We will discard any clothes that do not pass the quality check, so you can be assured of the quality of all our products.


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Our mission as uniform manufacturing company in Qatar is to embrace sustainable, and eco-friendly means to design high quality uniforms to our ever growing client base and deliver proactive customer service, with special focus on durability, comfort and high-performance.


To uphold the values of health and safety regulations while designing each uniform, and providing cost effective and sustainable tailor made solutions.
As a reliable Qatar uniform company, Kings Man Trading is the final destination for all your uniform requirements. You can browse through our huge collection of uniforms, and decide what kind of uniform you need stitched. We have uniforms for all industries and all purposes, and they come in multiple styles, designs and colours. We can design the uniforms, according to your requirement, and finalise the accessories and embellishments you need on them. Once you finalise the uniform, we will stitch the rest in bulk quantities and then ship them off to your address in the shortest time possible. 
As a noteworthy uniform manufacturing company in Qatar, we can stitch uniforms in any style for you at competitive rates.  Let your shopping for the most comfortable and durable uniforms for your staff begin here. Let them work in comfort, and enjoy working for you, because when they are comfortable and at ease, productivity will be on the rise.  

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